Car rental management software

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The second edition of the car rental agencies administation program is now availble.

after the great succes of the first edition ,many properties have been added to satisfy the demands.


The program interface :


it allows you to log in all the program options

Add cars window :

allows you to add new car of your agency, each car will be assigned a name or brand, in addition to a color, fuel type and the registration number , plus technical review details.
Car magement window :

This is where you can edit you car information.

New reservation/contrat window :

This window permits to add new reservations by filling all the details in the rental contract, the program also grants automatic printing option right after the reservation.

Reservations control window

In case you wanted to edit some information, or re-print a contact , you can do it easly in this window , all you need is log in and manage whatever you want.

Kilometers counter management window :

Most of the agencies use this system ,by allowing the cleint a limited number of kilomeres if violated, the client will have to pay further bills.
The program allows you to manage this section easly, just log in and enter the value in the kilometers counter and the program will do the calculations and displays the sum that the client should pay.
You can control the account setting through this page, which you’ll select from the initial program inteface

Car technical review manager window:


When you preform a technical review to any of your cars, you can archive the process throught this option, and the program will automatecaly remind you of the next technical review’s date when the time is up.

Clients black list window:


If a cleint bothers you or mis-mantain you car, you wouldn’t deal with him in the futur, but how would you remember his name for years? the program allows you to register such clients in a private list, so if the client comes back and wants to deal with your agency again , the program will wanrn you that he’s in the black list as soon you save the contact, and you’ll have the choice to persue the deal or abort it.

Setting manager window:


This option allows you to enter your agency’s name and address and back up your database or restore a previous copy.
You can make a referential price as well.

Texts and printing setting window :


In each contract we devoted three lines so that the head-master of the agnecy can add whatever he wants such as a condition or an important note.

The rental condions of the contract, can easly be done in a Word document and then printed in on the back-side of the contract

Profits statistics window:


Daily or weekly or montly, you can make a statistic of your agency’s profits, the program allows you to identify the profits of the current month or year, last month or last year.
It also give you the possiblity to identify the profits of a specific period, just enter the dates and the program will do the calculations and displays the result .

Program licence :

When you by the program you will be given your own serial number, you can install the program whereever you want. the insllation process is fairly easy.

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